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"Linda the meltmethod.com therapy is working my shoulders are relaxing and sleep all night.

  Jerry Youngbear, organic farmer, 5 J Farms - Native American Organic

"Thanks for the Miracle Ball session yesterday. I did the work again today, and I'm amazed how relaxed I feel. This stuff feels kind of like "internal yoga", stretching things I could never get to with yoga. There are parts of me that are relaxing that I thought were supposed to be rigid. I guess not."  

S.H., San Diego, CA

"Through Linda’s expert guidance I was able to find more ways to use the balls and to get into areas I wasn’t aware of before.  I was also able to understand the connection of the different parts of the body more."

 V.R., dancer, London                                                                                                                   

"With Linda’s help, I’ve been able to cure my sleep apnea.  I am no longer dependent on a CPAP machine, which I had been using for five years.  I can’t even begin to describe what a big deal it is to be cured from a disease that practically guarantees dementia.  As most people know, sleep apnea means that the person stops breathing while asleep, and then partially wakes up to gasp for air.  This can happen hundreds of times during the night.  But with Linda’s guidance in learning an exercise routine  with two “miracle balls” that strengthens my breathing, my last sleep test at the hospital came back negative: No apneas—in other words, no stops in my breathing throughout the night.  Obviously, I can’t thank her enough."

Angela Mailander, Ph.D.

 "I found the process of the Miracle Balls to be simple , relaxing, revealing and engaging and to give concrete results through the release of stress, strain and pain in the body. 

 The private Miracle Ball sessions with Linda have been particularly helpful as I have found it much easier to learn the method in person than by reading the book on my own.  Linda assisted in helping me get to really know my own body.

 Yesterday she was able to lead me through a program based on my direct experience that led me to specifically notice the pattern of my sciatica in a much clearer way. The sciatica had been an ongoing problem.  At the end of yesterday's session my range of motion was much freer and the sciatica was not present. 

I am delighted that it was so simple, peaceful, cost effective and enjoyable! 

I have also had a few long distance sessions over phone with Linda with the Tong Ren method. I was in CT and she was in IA . I have to say that they were amazingly effective and powerful ! Much healing took place and I could feel her working in the areas where she reported to be working on . 

Regarding the most recent session, I have had a long standing break down of the bone under my teeth and her vision allowed her to zero in directly and immediately on that location, and I felt a huge purification take place both during and after the treatment.  A day or two after it all seemed to be far better. It was very satisfying." 

, Meditation teacher
, Connecticut


I really got a lot out of our Miracle Ball session.  You are not going to believe this but my achilles heel does not hurt anymore.  I think I was just so tight on the one side. I injured it at some time and it just never seemed to get better.  But after 3 sessions with the Miracle Ball and most importantly your help I am so much better.  It just isn't a big issue anymore. My attitude is much better also.  I can not tell you how much you have helped me."

Barbara, yoga teacher/farmer/horsewoman, Iowa


The Miracle Ball work came into my life as an important relationship was ended and I was experiencing a lot of emotional and physiological distress.  My weekly Miracle Ball sessions helped me come back to my body and find within it ways to be soothed and healed.  In my last session, there was a major shift about a long term issue that had been triggered right before I came to my appointment.  As a result of Linda guiding me in the work, I was able to move from the usual overwhelming fear to a place of deep compassion.  For both him and me.  Yes, miraculous!


Sharon L, Iowa  

"Dear Linda,

Thank you for your successful Tong Ren healing. What a relief when the pain in the lower abdomen went away and stayed away."

Grete, Austin,Texas

Dear Linda,

Your Focusing skills and guidance were very helpful."

Kathleen, Wakefield, Rhode Island




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