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 Linda Hedquist

My experience in the natural healing arts spans over 3 decades.  My primary interests are bodywork, energywork, and body/mind medicine both because of their natural inter-relatedness and because of the profound positive impact each can make on a person's quality of life. 

I have purposefully educated myself (and continue to educate myself) quite broadly in all of these areas. Out of the many modalities I have studied, those I have chosen as the core of my practice are ones I have come to rely most on for maintaining my own health and well-being. I value these approaches not only for their effectiveness, but also for their ability to support self-empowerment, self-knowledge and self-care.

I am a licensed massage therapist in Iowa. I am certified to teach: the Miracle Ball Method (also known as the Elaine Petrone Method), M.E.L.T. Hand and Foot treatments, Jin Shin Jyutsu® Self-Help, Inner Relationship Focusing, Breema®, Self-Breema® Exercises, Tong Ren, and yoga.

My goal is to support you to develop a good relationship with your body and to achieve the highest level of health and well-being possible.


Nature's laws are the eternal laws of healing.  So it seemed appropriate to take an image from Nature for the logo of Healer Within.

Since ancient times the beauty and grace of cranes have captured the human imagination. In Japan cranes are considered a national treasure. With their fabled lifespan of a thousand years, cranes have long been considered a symbol of good fortune and longevity. As such they have a tradition of figuring strongly in Japanese healthcare symbolism. 



          Sandhill Crane with Baby                                                Photo by Robert Bieber


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