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"Health is the thing that makes you feel 

that now is the best time of the year." 

— Franklin P. Adams 


My name is Linda Hedquist. I am a bodyworker and natural healthcare educator in southeastern Iowa. My healing journey (and hence the roots of this website) began in 1979  when I was hospitalized for an illness which defied the best efforts of my medical doctors.  At the time I was recently married, loving life, and terribly frightened to find myself dying so young. When my doctors gave up on finding the cause of my illness, I found myself impelled to explore the relatively unknown (to me at that time) world of natural healing. Thus I began looking for someone (anyone!) who could understand the cause of my increasing weakness and return me to health.

Fortunately I was able to return to vibrant health (better than I had ever experienced before) via non-invasive means. And along the way I received an extraordinary education in forms of healthcare that most people have forgotten in our culture's love affair with the amazing abilities of modern medicine.

As my healing progressed I remember being repeatedly flabbergasted that in 30 years of what I thought was a well-informed life, I had never even heard of many of these wonderful healing methods which were now saving my life with such reliability and gentleness. I did notice, however, that to make the most of them it helped to develop a different kind of relationship with my body than the one I had been educated to have via modern science and education.

Rather than continuing to regard my body as a dumb, physical machine (like an especially complicated car with replacable parts) designed to be merely ordered around by my mind, I learned to connect experientially to my body's natural vitality and intelligence, which many traditions call "the healer within".  This level of energy and intelligence is inherent in each one of us.  It contains the operating instructions for our every organ and every cell. It orchestrates the proper digestion of our food, the healing of our wounds, and the fending off of infections as well as managing the trillion other things our body needs to do to make our lives possible. It even mends our emotional heart when that gets broken or bruised by the ups and downs of life.  Healing that occurs from this deep level is true wholistic healing that harmoniously benefits all areas of life.

Each approach to health and balance described on this website offers a profound doorway through which you can access the healing power and organizing ability of this amazing inner intelligence for the relief of pain, stress and disease-causing tension.  These methods also function as superb tools for preventive care and, in the case of serious illness, can offer complimentary support for conventional medical care.

I hope you enjoy reading about the offerings on this site.  If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment to experience what this type of healing can do for you, please call or email me through the contacts page.  It would be my pleasure to serve you through this wonderful work.                                                                 





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